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We are committed to privacy, and support current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet.
Protecting your privacy on-line is an evolving area and this website will constantly evolve to meet these demands.

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Security is the rule here, or do you wish your work to be harvested by the likes of Ancestry, or anyone just driving past? As i certainly don't, and will lock down as i see fit! If you have issues with the security on this site, i suggest you look elsewhere to leave your work insecure and open to the public. :-)


Some of our web pages utilise "cookies". A "cookie" is a small text file that may be used, for example, to collect information about web site activity. Some cookies and other technologies may serve to recall Personal Information previously indicated by a web user. Most browsers allow you to control cookies, including whether or not to accept them and how to remove them.

Some cookies are necessary for the operation of our website, if you choose to block them some aspects of the site may not work for you. Non necessary cookies are only set when you have given your explicit consent to their use. Such cookies included those set by our statistics package Google Analytics.

This policy is effective from 1st November 2013. Should you wish to contact me regarding this, or any other aspect of the website, then please do so by using the "click here to send James mail" link on the main home page. Please now press the back arrow on your browser to return.

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